Water has been an issue for Utah in the last several years due to a heavy drought that's wreaked havoc on the West.  

Super-hot summers and less rain and snow have made it difficult for wells to provide water for the Utah population. Rundown water hasn’t been as prevalent as it used to be and places like Lake Powell and the Great Salt Lake have seen lower levels.  

Fortunately, there has been some improvement. However, that doesn’t let us Utahns off the hook and just do whatever we would like with our water supply. Places like Southern Utah which are a desert area are especially vulnerable to droughts. 

So, how do we help conserve our water supply in Utah? 

The Utah Rivers Council has a few ways on how we can “give back” to our water supply and make use less wasteful. 

  • Make sure your sprinklers are ONLY watering your grass areas. Water runoff to sidewalks is super wasteful. 
  • Water when the sun won’t soak up most of the liquid. Before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m.  
  • Use native plants and grass when you can since they require less water to stay alive. 
  • Water grass less frequently but do a good soak so that the sun doesn’t murder your lawn.  
  • Try a drip irrigation system and get rid of sprinklers all together.  

Saving water, even in small amounts, is helpful, and Utah still needs careful water planning.  So, when turning on your sprinkler system this summer or even planning a new lawn, remember these tips.  

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