>>Local Panguitch Officials Say Mitigation Efforts Have Been Working

(Panguitch, UT) -- Officials in Garfield County lifted an evacuation notice and Utah Department of Transportation has reopened State Highway 143 below the Panguitch Lake Dam.  Officials noted that the water level of the lake has dropped six inches and a plan is in place to continue to release water so as to drop the level of the lake by several more feet over the next week or so.  In an update issued on Friday, the Utah Department of Public Safety also noted that efforts to improve the dam's stability are showing positive signs, until more permanent measures can be made.

>>Former Salt Lake City Mayor Ted Wilson Dies At 84

(Salt Lake City, UT) -- Former Salt Lake City Mayor Ted Wilson died Thursday at age 84. His family members say he died from Parkinson's disease and heart failure. Utah officials responded to the former mayor's passing, including Governor Spencer Cox, who said that Wilson devoted most of his life to public service. He began his political career in 1973 when he was appointed Chief of Staff to Utah Congressman Wayne Owens, and later served three terms as the mayor of Salt Lake City from 1976 to 1985. Funeral arrangements have not yet been announced.

>>10-Thousands Dollar Reward For Information Leading To An Arrest Of Person Who Shot A Bald Eagle

(Cedar City, UT) -- A 10-thousand dollar reward is being offered by the Center for Biological Diversity for information leading to the arrest of the person who shot a bald eagle in Cedar City. The bird had to be put down due to the attack. The Utah Division of Wildlife was notified about the bird on February 29th and released a statement on Tuesday. It is a crime to shoot the federally protected bird with penalties maxing at two years of jail time and a 250-thousand dollar fine. Anyone with information should call DWR conservation officers.

>>St. George Bonds Receives High S&P Ratings

(St. George, UT) -- The S&P is rating two recently issued St. George Bonds very highly. The city received an AA-plus rating on their 2023 Trails, Parks and Recreation General Obligation Bond. The rating is the second highest possible it can receive by S&P. The other was a sales tax bond the city issued last year for the new city hall being built on Main Street that went up to a triple-A rating, the highest possible amount. The ratings highlight the city's financial stability and ability to meet financial obligations.

>>American Airlines To Offer Service Out Of Provo Airport

(Provo, UT) -- Representatives of American Airlines have announced that the airline will begin service out of Provo Airport this year. Airline officials say they will operate three daily flights out of the airport; two to Dallas-Fort Worth and one to Phoenix. Service will begin on October 7th.

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