Supporters of Southern Utah University (SUU) can demonstrate their school pride and make a meaningful impact by purchasing SUU license plates. These specialized plates directly contribute to scholarships for both current and incoming SUU students.

Every annual fee for the SUU license plate goes directly to funding scholarships, enhancing accessibility to higher education. Moreover, buying this license plate offers the perk of complimentary on-campus parking, excluding housing parking areas.

Alexis McIff, a beneficiary of the SUU License Plate scholarship, expresses her gratitude, highlighting the transformative power of such scholarships. “The scholarships I received have been life-changing,” she shares. “The impact of generosity like this is profound, and I truly hope donors recognize how valued their contributions are.”

For those eager to support SUU through this initiative, SUU license plates are available for purchase at any Utah DMV location or through their online platform.

Caytee Wankier, President of SUU Alumni, fondly reflects on the camaraderie these plates foster. “Seeing an SUU license plate on the road feels like spotting an old friend,” she says. “It's an opportunity to connect and celebrate our shared Thunderbird spirit.” Wankier encourages everyone to seize this chance to back SUU and positively influence students' lives. “We warmly welcome you to stand with us, supporting our Thunderbirds!”

For anyone seeking more details about this initiative or wanting to get involved further, additional information is available at this link: Additional information.

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