Want to get health care at one of the top 5 hospitals in the country? You won't have to go far. Fortune Magazine has release their annual list of the top hospitals in the country and sitting in the number 4 position is Cedar City Hospital. This is a one step increase from a year ago when the hospital ranked 5th. Fortune worked with the group Merative to compile the rankings. Merative, formally IBM Watson, is a data analytics and a technology partner to the health industry. They collect data from 2,650 hospitals nationwide to come up with the list of the Top 100 hospitals of the country. Co-owned Alta Community Hospital in Sandy, Utah topped the list this year for the first time.

Cedar City Hospital's appearance in the top 5 is becoming in itself an annual experience. The hospital has been on the Top 100 list now for eleven years running.

My wife and I have spent our fair share of time at the facility over the last few years. When we both got diagnosed with cancer, we were in the care of the providers from Cedar City Hospital. One member of the hospital staff even came to our home to explain what had been found in me, and explained the upcoming procedures. When it came time for us to have surgeries, they did have us got to the St. George Regional Hospital.


After that, while surgery was all that I required, Tammy would then need to go through Chemo treatments. Fortunately, she was able to obtain those treatments here locally at the Sandra L. Maxwell Cancer Center at the hospital, a facility that didn't exist when we first moved to town. The staff there are some of the kindest, compassionate and competent persons you will ever know.

attachment-Tammy Cancer_07-19-22

It comes as no surprise to me that the Cedar City Hospital ranks this high on a national survey. So take comfort in the fact that if you require some of the highest quality health care in the nation, you won't have to go far.


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