I'll have to admit that I get a little bit giddy this time of year. A few weeks ago I wrote how winter was losing its grip and the mountains were starting to open up, and how that the Utah Department of Transportation was starting to open up the seasonal highways. I expressed that I was waiting for Utah Highway 153 to open up. Well, the wait is over.

Some years ago, the group Sawyer Brown had the song “The Dirt Road” which extolled the value of taking life down the path of a dirt road. Count me in.

All my life I have loved wandering down a dirt road wondering where it may lead. As teenagers my mates and I would often head off the pavement to exciting adventures. Sometimes we got close to stranded, and the fact that these adventure mostly happened in our parents sedan vehicles didn't thrill them too much.

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Dr. T

Now, I'm not talking about those dirt roads that your GPS warns you to avoid, the ones that seem to lead to nowhere or to the middle of a cornfield. No, I'm talking about the dirt roads that beckon you with a hint of adventure, a promise of the unknown.

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As you bounce along the uneven terrain, clouds of dust billowing behind, you're reminded of the thrill of the unknown. The paved roads represent routine, the familiar, but the dirt road? It's the epitome of uncertainty. You don't know where it leads, what lies around the next bend, or what surprises Mother Nature has in store.

You see, life on the paved highway can get pretty darn predictable. You know exactly where you're going, and you know exactly how you're going to get there. It's like ordering the same meal at the same restaurant every day. Sure, it's safe and comfortable, but where's the excitement in that?

Dr. T
Dr. T

But when you decide to veer off onto that dirt road, well, that's when the real adventure begins. Your car jostles and bounces as you navigate the uneven terrain, and suddenly, you're not just a commuter anymore; you're an explorer.

You might encounter a few bumps along the way, maybe even get stuck in the mud once or twice. But isn't that the point? Life's not about avoiding every little inconvenience; it's about embracing the unexpected and learning to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

Dr. T
Dr. T

And then there's the scenery. Oh boy, the scenery! Instead of endless rows of billboards and strip malls, you're surrounded by fields and forests, mountains and meadows. The only soundtrack is the wind rustling through the trees and the crunch of gravel under your tires.

Perhaps the best part of going down a dirt road is the sense of freedom it brings. No schedules, no deadlines, just you and the open road. You can stop whenever you want, explore wherever you please, and take as many detours as your heart desires.

So, the next time you find yourself on that well-worn highway of routine and predictability, take a moment to glance over at that inviting dirt road. Sure, it might be a little dusty, a little bumpy, and a whole lot unpredictable, but that's where the real adventure lies. And as any seasoned dirt road traveler will tell you, sometimes, it's worth going down a dirt road.

I'll see you there.

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