Utah Law Enforcement is dealing with more peril than ever when responding to calls this year, though the reason is unclear.  

According to the Bureau of Criminal Identification, the number of assaults on officers in Utah in 2023 has risen significantly. Whether it be responding to vehicle stops, arrests, or investigating suspicious persons, the number of times an officer is assaulted is going up. 

The BCI considered any part of the body that can be used as a weapon as well as guns in its findings.  

Officers Activity Resulting in Assault 

  • Responding to Disturbance: 173  
  • Attempting Other Arrest: 115 
  • Handling, Transporting Custody of Prisoners: 88 
  • Investigating Suspicious Persons: 32 

Weapons Used in Assaults on Officers 

  • Personal Weapon: 381 
  • None: 81 
  • Motor Vehicle: 17 
  • Knife: 25 
  • Blunt Object: 9 
  • Handgun: 11 
  • Firearm: 10 

Officer Assaults by Month 

  • January: 75 
  • February 73 
  • March: 85 
  • April: 78 
  • May: 103 
  • June: 85 
  • July: 78 

These numbers do fluctuate and not all agencies or departments submit numbers so there could be more in Utah. The officers on this list have simply been doing their job. Another thing to consider is that the Utah crime rate has gone down in the past few years.  

Perhaps that’s due to some of the officers taking the brunt. The reason is unclear.  

The National Institute of Justice works to help law enforcement stay safe by providing guidelines for procedures as well as educating the public on some of the stress and dangers officers deal with daily.  

Our officers just this week have been handling fake bomb threats across the state, dealing with panicked citizens and risking their lives. So next time you are pulled over, be polite, remember these numbers and follow the law.  

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