The Garfield County Sheriff's Office issued a public statement Tuesday, on damage discovered in the dam at Panguitch Lake.

The news release states that on Monday, "it was discovered that the Panguitch Lake Dam had sustained damage resulting in transverse cracking on the upper portion of the dam."

The statement goes on to say that the Sheriff's Office, local emergency management, Panguitch City and West Panguitch Irrigation Company are currently monitoring the conditions.

The release does not speculate on what forces may have caused the damage.

As a result of the discovery, Garfield County Sheriff's Office has closed State Route 143 below the dam.  The road above the dam remains open. Utah Department of Transportation confirms the closure between mile posts 34 (Panguitch Lake) and 51 (Panguitch town).

The damage is not deemed severe enough to warrant evacuations at this time.  Emergency personnel are stationed at the dam to closely monitor the situation.  The Sheriff's Office further stated that, "if conditions worsen, emergency notification will be made through all available resources."

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