Sunrise Stories: Volume 11 


Statewide News – 07/13/23 

UDOT Gives Safety Tips for Dealing with Semi-Trucks 

The Utah Department of Transportation launched their safety campaign for dealing with semi-trucks on the road called “Truck Smart” on June 15, but it’s only just now gaining traction in the press. 

Some of the tips listed include the “if you can't see me, I can’t see you” phrase which refers to making eye contact with drivers of semi-trucks before making any maneuvers. 

Another tip is to give semi-trucks their space, even if they’re traveling at a different speed than you.  


Southern Utah/St. George News – 07/13/23 

Eric Gentry Named District Court Judge 

Deputy Washington County Attorney Eric Gentry has been named District Court Judge of District 5 in Utah.  

Utah Governor Spencer Cox endorsed Gentry as his choice to replace District Court Judge Michael Westfall who is retiring. 

Gentry has been serving in the County Attorney’s Office since 2007, but even before that, Gentry worked as a prosecutor for Santa Clara and Enterprise. He also worked as an assistant city attorney for St. George. 

The state senate has yet to confirm Gentry’s nomination. 

Over $50,000 Donated to Cedar City Non-Profits 

The State Bank of Southern Utah has donated $52,500 to three nonprofits in Cedar City. 

The Cedar City Housing Authority, Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Utah, and NeighborWorks Mountain Country Home Solutions will each receive $17,500 for building more affordable housing in Cedar City. 


An excessive heat warning has been issued to Southern Utah this weekend with temperatures reaching a high of 115 degrees Fahrenheit on July 16.  

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page has a post which warns the public about the heat with a screenshot from Super Mario Bros. 3 saying “Remember that level in Mario Brothers where the sun is trying to kill you? That’s this weekend.” 

There are various tips for staving off the heat so be sure to take note and stay safe out there this weekend. 

Traffic Halted on I-15 in St. George 

Traffic between exits 10 and 13 came to a complete stop in St. George due to a crash between a cement truck and a water truck. The mass of the traffic had to be redirected off the freeway to make way for tow trucks to clear the wreckage. 


Fun fact about the writer of Sunrise Stories, Stockton Myers. 

Stockton had his first X-Ray in 5th grade due to his ribs rubbing on his lungs. It wasn’t that serious, but that didn’t stop Stockton from telling his class about how cool it was that he had a “rare” disease. 

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Stay cool out there! 

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