A buck deer was recently shot and killed in Kane County, and conservation officers with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources are seeking help from the public to track down those involved.

DWR officers received a tip on June 16th from someone who discovered a dead deer while fishing at the Kanab Creek area of of the East Fork of the Sevier River in Kane County. While investigating, officers discovered the deer had been shot behind the left shoulder, likely with a small caliber firearm.


Because of the fast moving water flow at the time, officers believe the deer may have been shot south of the location where the animal was discovered. Based on decomposition, or actually the lack of decomposition, investigating officers believe the deer was likely shot sometime between June 10th and June 16th.

In a DWR press release, Officer Wayatt Mecham said, “The deer was still growing its antlers at the time it was killed, and it had the potential to become a trophy buck deer. Illegal activities like this rob hunters and other wildlife enthusiasts of the opportunity to enjoy this deer.”

Anyone who may have information about the illegal killing of this deer, or any other wildlife related crimes in Utah is encouraged to report it to wildlife conservation officers. Tips can be called in toll free at on the Utip hotline at 800-662-3337. You can also text to 847411 or online at wildlife.ut.gov. You can also download the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources law enforcement app.

Utah conservation officers conduct numerous investigations in to the illegal killing of wildlife every year. In 2022, officers confirmed that some 1,283 wild animals and fish had been killed illegally.The value of these animals was estimated at $609,000.

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