Yesterday, the Little Twist Fire experienced minimal growth, characterized by creeping and single tree torching through the afternoon and evening. However, today's forecast predicts very active fire behavior due to low humidity and strong gusty winds. Temperatures are expected to be cooler over the next few days as a dry cold front moves into the region.

Firefighters made significant progress on the East side of the fire, constructing an indirect line from where the Piute Side Trail (PST) 068 meets the ridge between South Creek and the Upper Beaver River Drainage. This line extends south along the ridge into last year's Thompson Ridge Fire scar. Helicopters were deployed to drop water on the West side and other critical areas along the perimeter, helping to keep fire activity in check. Crews also improved roads and trails to serve as indirect lines on the south and southwest sides of the fire.

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Today, efforts will focus on constructing and strengthening both direct and indirect firelines. Firefighters will utilize natural barriers and favorable fuel types, including previous fuel treatment burn scars, to work safely and effectively towards containment. An area closure order is in place to ensure the safety of both firefighters and the public.

Utah Fire Info
Utah Fire Info

The fire, now known as the Little Twist Fire, originated from the South Beaver prescribed fire project initiated by the Beaver Ranger District this spring. The district successfully completed 4,724 acres of prescribed burns over several weeks, with plans to burn 3,000 – 5,000 acres annually over several years. However, hot, dry, and windy conditions caused the fire to exceed its intended limits. On June 13th, 2024, Forest Service leadership transitioned the active portion of the prescribed fire to a wildfire, allowing the use of additional resources, including those from cooperating agencies. Accurate mapping now estimates the Little Twist Fire at 2,250 acres. The assigned Type 3 Incident Management Team is efficiently managing the incident with the help of rapid partner responses.

Smoke from the Little Twist Fire will remain visible for several weeks from surrounding areas, including I-15, I-70, Hwy-89, and Hwy-20. The community is urged to stay informed and heed safety warnings.

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