Other than to the afterlife, I don't believe that there is another move in my future. We've had our roots firmly planted here in southern Utah and, more specifically, here in Iron County and Cedar City. That doesn't mean that situations would not necessitate a move. Maybe as we continue to age and face declining health our kids might encourage us to be closer to them. We'll see.

But I'm glad that we're likely not faced with the prospect of packing up our things and heading to new digs.

It is however, no secret that a plethora of people are making their way in to Utah and one could wonder what would be the area people would want to re-locate to here.


The folks at 247 Wall Street.com took a look at all 29 counties and came up with their evaluation of the best county to live in for every state.

First of all, here are the metrics they used in their evaluations:

  • Average Life Expectancy at Birth
  • Poverty Rate
  • Adults with a Bachelors Degree
  • Media household income
  • The county seat (trying to figure out how the name of the county seat contributes to the quality of life, but hey, it's their survey)

So, what county did they come up with as the best one to live in here in Utah?

Any guesses?

Has to be here in southern Utah, right? C'mon, we've got all the National Parks down here it's got to be us!

Sorry to be the cold shower here, but according to 247 Wall Street, the county to move to in Utah is


Summit County.

And, based on the parameters that 247 Wall Street used, Summit County makes a strong case. You can look at the story to see how Summit County does in comparison to the rest of the state. Unsurprisingly, the median income in Summit County is about $40,000 higher than the state median income.

Well they can say what they want, but I'm pretty content to stay here in southern Utah. I'll take the beauty and the people around me anytime.


So don't look for me to pack up and leave for Summit County anytime soon, well actually anytime at all. With the housing prices up there I couldn't afford a cardboard box out in a field up there. Plus, I don't think Mitt Romney would let me be his neighbor.

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