The State Speaker of the House is stepping down. Brad Wilson announced his resignation today, effective November 15th. The Republican lawmaker has served as speaker since 2019. While Wilson only said that he's "excited" for the next chapter of his life, it's widely assumed that he will most likely run for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Mitt Romney.


“8 Passenger” You Tube Star Hearing Postponed

Today's hearing for Ruby Franke and Jodi Hildebrandt is being postponed. YouTuber Franke and business partner Hildebrandt were arrested after two kids in their custody were found to be malnourished and neglected. The discovery was made when a 12-year-old boy went to a neighbor and asked for food, bearing injuries that indicated he'd been tired up with a rope and duct tape. Prosecutors say they need more time to go over the "copious" amounts of evidence, and the hearing will now be held next month.


Southern Utah Temporarily Without Representation In Congress

Now former congressman Chris Stewart is officially out of office. The Utah Second District representative's resignation went into effect on Friday, something he announced months ago. His former aide Celeste Maloy will now represent the Republican Party in November's general election after advancing past the special GOP primary earlier this month. Maloy will be running against Democratic state Senator Kathleen Riebe. The sprawling Second District includes Iron and Washington counties.

Great Salt Lake_07-22-21

Volunteers Remove Thousands Of Pounds Of Trash From Great Salt Lake

Over 100 volunteers gathered Saturday to remove garbage from the Great Salt Lake. The effort was part of International Coastal Clean-up Day, and volunteers said it felt good to pick up the trash and improve the condition of the lake. Cleanup crews scoured the lakeshore, picking up various debris such as plastic bottles, cans, scrap metal, tires, and other litter. In all, a whopping three-thousand pounds of garbage was removed from the lake by the end of the day.

The Top 30 Country Road Trip Songs, Ranked

There's nothing that makes a road trip fly by faster than great country music coming out of the speakers. In fact, if you're like Maren Morris, listening to music while you're driving might even be akin to a religious experience! Whether you're singing along to John Denver as you drive through West Virginia, or rolling down the windows as you listen to Keith Urban, here are the Top 30 country songs essential to your road trip playlist.

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