In 1946, Savage began as a modest endeavor, initiated by a father and son with a single truck, aimed at assisting local businesses in transporting supplies within the community. Fast forward 78 years, and Savage has evolved into a global transportation leader, annually moving over 22.8 million tons of products worldwide. At the core of its operations lies the Savage Transload Network, a series of rail terminals across North America, facilitating sustainable transportation solutions for businesses. The newest addition to this network is the Cedar City, UT Transload facility, a testament to Savage's commitment to innovation and community collaboration.

The Cedar City, UT Transload facility fills a crucial gap in Southern Utah's transportation infrastructure, catering to businesses and agricultural producers in the region. Traditionally reliant on trucks due to limited rail access, this facility revolutionizes the supply chain dynamics by offering transload services and enabling sustainable transportation through enhanced rail accessibility. By enriching the market and fostering economic growth, Savage's initiative transforms Iron County into a more favorable destination for businesses.

Key to the success of the Cedar City project is its inclusive approach to development. Savage actively engages with local stakeholders, including customers and community members, to tailor the facility according to their needs and preferences. The result is a state-of-the-art transload facility designed to handle various types of freight efficiently, thereby maximizing profits for customers and contributing to the local economy.

Chris Holmes / Canva
Chris Holmes / Canva

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Savage's mission, and the Cedar City Transload facility exemplifies this commitment. By integrating rail transportation into the supply chain, Savage not only enhances operational efficiency but also reduces environmental impact. The facility's strategic location near important Southern Utah hubs ensures convenient access to rail networks, promoting sustainable transportation practices across the region.

The benefits of sustainable transportation are quantifiable and far-reaching. Compared to long-haul trucking, rail transportation significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions. With one gallon of fuel capable of moving one ton of goods over 410 miles by rail, the Cedar City Transload facility offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative for businesses seeking to optimize their supply chains.

Beyond economic and environmental advantages, the Cedar City Transload facility brings tangible benefits to the local community. By expanding rail infrastructure and fostering economic development, Savage creates opportunities for job growth and investment in Southern Utah. The facility's presence attracts businesses seeking access to efficient transportation networks, further stimulating economic activity in the region.

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