Senator Mike Lee (R-Ut) opened the door to a discussion with the congressional January 6th Committee. Lee, appearing on Fox News Sunday, offered to talk with the committee regarding text messages between him and former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. In those messages, Lee told Meadows that states would have to put forward alternative roosters of Electoral College delegates to give the election to then President Trump. On the Fox News show, Lee stated that he was only looking in to rumors that states would change electoral votes on their own. Lee said he would not have an issue speaking with the committee. Also on the Sunday show Lee was asked about his stand on the current gun control legislation that has been agreed to by bi-partisan member of the senate. Lee said that no legislation has been brought forward, and that only an agreement on a "broad promises." The senator indicated that he would not comment or take a position on the issue until he is actually able to read and evaluate proposed legislation.

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