>>Utah Car Thieves Rob ATM In Arizona, Still On The Run

(St. George, UT) -- The two suspects who stole a car in Mesquite are still on the run and last seen in Littlefield, Arizona. There are an additional two people of interest. The suspects were seen in Littlefield stealing an ATM on Sunday.

>>Due West Band Member Reunites With Long Lost Niece

(St. George, UT) -- A member of the country band Due West has reunited with his long lost niece. Due West band member Matthew Lopez's now-deceased sister decided when she was 23 that she would give up her baby for adoption. A documentary was made about her last summer and when the information came out the search was on. They were able to find her and as it turned out she was getting ready to audition for American Idol. Producers for Idol wanted to share the first moment with the world and make it a surprise. It will be shown on American Idol on February 18th.

>>State Declines To Impeach Natalie Cline

(Salt Lake City, UT) -- The Utah House of Representatives has declined to impeach Utah School Board Member Natalie Cline, and the Utah State Board of Education has formally censured her instead. Calls for her impeachment and resignation came after Cline made a social media post suggesting a female school basketball player was trans, which made the girl a target for online harassment. Utah's House filed a resolution condemning Cline and her social media post on Thursday, with the Legislature and Governor Cox calling her behavior a "repugnant attack".

>>Ten Commandments Bill Introduced

(Salt Lake City, UT) -- A bill has been introduced in the legislature that would teach the Ten Commandments as a part of U.S. History. GOP Representative Logan Petersen argued in the house that the Commandments were used as inspiration by the founding fathers when crafting various articles like the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Neither Document explicitly mentions a Judeo-Christian God and the Constitution makes no reference to religion except in the first amendment giving religious freedom. The original version of the bill required schools to hang the Ten Commandments. The bill also includes the Magna Carta, the 1215 document stating the king of England and his government were not above the law. It went on to influence the Constitution of the U.S. and the world.

>>Update On St. George Transportation Projects

(St. George, UT) -- The Dixie Regional Transportation Expo brought updates to transportation projects in Washington County. The work on the George Washington Boulevard bridge is nearly complete with the final two phases being combined to complete the project by August. There has been serious momentum in a SunTran route from St. George to the gateway to Zion and that project is expected to begin in the summer.


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