A family was rescued from dangerous conditions this weekend by Iron County Sheriff's Search and Rescue. On Sunday November 27, 2022, at about 6:15PM, ICSSAR volunteers received a call-out containing coordinates to a reported side by side that was stuck on Lower Basin Road in Shurtz Canyon. The report also included the occupants were a male and his two sons. 16 ICSSAR volunteers responded, along with an Iron County Sheriff’s Deputy. The team staged off Old Highway 91 and utilized 2 ICSSAR side by sides and one volunteers personally owned side by side that is fully covered to protect occupants from traitorous weather conditions. Upon reaching the stranded individuals about 6 miles up Lower Basin Road, CJ Harward assessed the situation and tried to clear the side by side. The kids were transported to a covered side by side to keep them warm. The team used snow shovels to dig an 8-foot path and then used a tow cord to pull the side by side out of the snow. The wife and mom of the stranded individuals drove her truck as far as possible up the road. The ICSSAR team drove down to her waiting vehicle then helped to get the kids into the warm truck and back down the mountain. Temperatures were reported in the mid 20's with heavy winds. The operation was concluded at 10:30 PM.

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