Former NBA players Gilbert Arenas, Brandon Jennings, and Rashad McCants were discussing the Utah Jazz on Arenas' podcast this past week when Jennings just came out and said:

"They low-key need to get rid of the Jazz. The whole franchise, just tear it down. Man, move the Jazz to Seattle so we can get it crackin’. Utah should be the only team where you can only play white players. Just all foreigners and white players. I don’t want to see no black players."

Watch below:

All three of these former players are feeding into the narrative that Utah isn't a good fit for black players. I don't want to go into that whole debate because it's so tired, but the reason this is worth talking about is because these guys are saying it so directly and in an open forum and I think they mean it even though it's also meant to be funny.

Here's what @JustinRussell76 posted in response:

"It shows that it's very real that POC don't want to live in Utah. The great thing, though, is that most of the time, once a POC plays in Utah, they actually like it here. The only player I can think of that had a real issue is Don, and that was only later in his time here."

Jeff Despot posted:

"This is… not cool."

Ben Ellison said:

"Hmm, isn't basing opinions or jokes on stereotypes the very thing that people are trying to educate people about? So then why is this any different than what others freak out about?

What are your thoughts?

I think it's a podcast guys joking around and nobody should care.

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