Sobering news for Costco, now in two location workers have decided to unionize.


Will unionizing at Costco affect prices negatively in Utah? Many experts believe it will. This is a blow to many who admire Costco as it has often been seen as a beacon for it’s top notch business practices.

Costco has led the wage war more often than not, remunerating employees before it became a pain point. They have been leaders in having satisfied employees who are happy to go to work and high on the list for those who won’t quit for an increase in pay because of job satisfaction.


So yes, it may affect business, but here is where Costco shows us how such situations should be handled.

This is the answer if you want to be a business that stands above the rest. I wish more of me would have thought of this response. If more of us thought this way we would be better at everything we do.

Current CEO Ron Vachris and former CEO Craig Jelinek wrote a memo that in short stated that they were not disappointed in employees for demanding more they were disappointed in themselves for not treating them well enough that they didn't have to.

I work with some exceptional people, and I have heard this sentiment multiple times. Anytime I feel like rolling my eyes, I hear them say something like this, "why didn't we catch this, so the employee or customer didn't have to?".

Jocko Willink and Leif Babin founders of the principle of Extreme Ownership must be nodding their heads, maybe even applauding right now.

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If more of us could catch this vision and truly live that way we would be much happier customers, employees and business owners.

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