The community of Beaver is likely having a huge sigh of relief heading in to the Memorial Day weekend. If you missed the news earlier this week, Levi Wright, the son of Kallie and Spencer Wright had to be airlifted to Primary Children's Hospital after driving a toy tractor into a river on Tuesday evening. For a time searchers lost visual sight of the child, and Levi spent several minutes underwater in the river.

First responders began life saving measure, and after being taken to the Beaver Hospital, the boy was transferred by Lifeflight to Salt Lake City. He arrived there alive but unconscious.

The reason for the relief in Beaver? Levi came out of his coma. Kallie Wright wrote on social media, “LEVI WOKE UP! I am shook, we don't know much but the doctor said it was okay for me to get excited about that and I AM! My baby is so tough! He got a little wild so we had to settle him down again but my heart!”

This was a significant turn around from the mood on the morning after they arrived at Primary Children's Hospital. On that day, Mindy Sue Clark, a friend of the Wrights, shared with permission the following on social media, “Levi's heart is beating on its own, he has a will to breathe but his sweet little brain was without oxygen too long and there is no coming back from that. We cuddled him all night and feel strongly that his spirit is no longer with us. We can't be selfish and drag this out for days, he doesn't deserve that. Shortly we will stop care and hold him close until his last breath on earth. My Baby, my beans, Mom & Dad love you always and forever!”


But, later in the day, as the family was contemplating ending care, the doctor “felt strongly” that they needed to give Levi more time.

After receiving that advice the family Kallie and Spencer shared, “It does mean we have time for a miracle! Pray the hardest you ever have, I beg of you!”

The community of Beaver got the miracle they prayed for. Not a bad start to the Memorial Day weekend.

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