It took a little while, and some great help from our listeners, but we found the mystery intersection. To see this Cedar City wonder, go on the road past Home Depot and follow it all the way until the pavement ends. Just before you get there turn right on Talon Way and head to the intersection where you will come to the Yield sign where Talon meets Eagle Ridge Loop. Of course if you are coming to the intersection on Eagle Ridge, you get the stop sign. So, here's the question: If you're coming the direction and see the yield sign, and notice traffic coming on the other street, only to see them stop at the stop sign, how gets to go first. We asked this today on the Big Picture Morning show, and one listener said he had asked this question to law enforcement and was answered, “just be careful.” We wondered if this would be better served as a four way stop and wondered if the city was out of stop signs when they put the intersection on line. Or maybe just take out the yield signs and have the one cross street stop. So far the drivers in the neighborhood seem to be making it work so we'll leave at as an amusement for us all. But if growth keeps happening in that area and traffic continues to build, it may be time for the ultimate solution....a roundabout. By the way, if you want to read the story that started this whole discussion, just click here.


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