The Cedar City / Iron County Office of Economic Development is looking to assist remote workers who live in the area. In a press release, Danny Stewart, Economic Development Director said,

Our population has grown dramatically in the last few years. People are choosing to move to our community, and we want to understand how many of those people are working from home for companies located outside our area. We want to support remote workers by providing networking opportunities and other services to help them succeed here. We’d like to include them more in our business community.”

Partnership Created

The Office of Economic Development is partnering with the Southern Utah University Business Center to create a survey that starts the conversation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, employers worldwide have either increased or elevated their remote work options for employees. For the first time, nationwide trends have shown employees choosing where they want to live with the option to work from home, rather than historically having to live somewhere solely for an in-person job.

The information is being collected to learn more about the work-from-home population of Cedar City and Iron County in hopes to provide collaborative opportunities to meet others and participate in workshops hosted by Southern Utah University, Southwest Technical College, and more.

Participate Now

Anyone who wants to participate may do so by clicking here to take a brief survey. Participants will be entered to win a gift card.

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