CEDAR CITY, Utah - Southern Utah University (SUU) is taking a significant step forward in enhancing student opportunities and boosting community engagement through a strategic partnership between Southern Utah Athletics and the SUU Professional Sales program. This collaboration is designed to provide students with real-world experience while supporting the university's athletic ticket sales efforts.

Kurt Wankier, Director of the Professional Sales Program at SUU Said

"The Professional Sales program in the Dixie Leavitt School of Business embodies the concept of experiential learning. Our team will learn the realities of prospecting, proposing, and closing deals by serving as the sales arm for our athletic department. Our students contribute meaningfully to the university's financial needs while developing their sales tool kit. In this way, our students get an unparalleled sales experience while they learn the key concepts and methodologies that make them top producers in their sales careers."

The partnership aims to integrate students pursuing a minor in sales directly into the ticket sales operations for Southern Utah Athletic events. By doing so, students can apply their classroom knowledge practically, gaining first-hand experience in sales strategies, customer service, and professional communication. This initiative will not only bolster the students' resumes but also give them the skills and confidence needed for successful careers in sales.

The athletics department aims to increase ticket sales and enhance fan engagement by leveraging the sales students' fresh perspectives and innovative approaches. This mutually beneficial relationship ensures that while students gain essential experience, the athletics department also sees a boost in revenue and community presence.

Marie Tuite, Deputy Athletic Director of External Relations for SUU Athletics Said

"One of Doug Knuth's goals as Athletics Director is for our Department to participate with our campus partners. This new "sales" initiative is a "win-win" for our ticket sales efforts, and for the Pro Sales students who will be engaging with the greater Cedar City community."

The initiative began this month with Professional Sales students integrating into various aspects of the ticket sales operations. They will participate in sales campaigns, engage with potential ticket buyers, and help develop marketing strategies to increase attendance at athletic events.

This partnership demonstrates Southern Utah University's commitment to providing its students with opportunities beyond the classroom, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges of the professional world. At the same time, it underscores the university's dedication to fostering an engaged fan base at every Thunderbird Athletics event.

Southern Utah Athletics and the SUU Professional Sales program are optimistic about the potential outcomes and look forward to a successful and enriching experience for all involved.

Professional Sales

To learn more about the professional sales program, visit the Professional Sales Program website by clicking here.

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