CEDAR CITY, Utah - The anticipation for the upcoming college football season grows as the 2023 Preseason All-UAC Team, presented by The Bluebloods, has been officially announced. Representing all nine teams in the conference, a total of 66 talented athletes have been selected, with Southern Utah Athletes earning well-deserved recognition on both the First and Second Teams.

Coach DeLane Fitzgerald said

"With preseason All-Conference and All-American teams, it is a prediction and there is some guessing that is involved. This particular preseason All-conference team should motivate our players that were named and motivate our really good players that were not named even more. In my opinion, we have four or five good football players that were left out.

The representatives from Southern Utah have showcased their exceptional skills and commitment to the sport, securing their spots among the best in the conference. Highlighting the First Team Defense is linebacker Kohner Cullimore, a formidable force on the field whose outstanding performances have caught the attention of fans. Additionally, the Second Team Defense features defensive lineman Payton Payne, who has demonstrated remarkable prowess in pressuring opposing offenses.

On the offensive side, Southern Utah's quarterback Justin Miller earned a spot on the Second Team Offense for his impressive abilities as a leader and playmaker. His skill set and dedication to the game have proven him to be a vital asset to the team's success and he will look to break several program records this fall.

The UAC All-Conference Team is a highly competitive group, and the Southern Utah Athletes' well-deserved selection demonstrates their commitment to excellence and dedication to their team's success.

As the 2023 season approaches, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the remarkable talents of the Southern Utah Athletes on the field in this first season of UAC football. The coaching staff and the entire Southern Utah community are excited to support and cheer on their exceptional players throughout the upcoming season.

Here is the full list

2023 Preseason UAC All-Conference Team

First Team Offense:

QB: Parker McKinney (Eastern Kentucky)

RB: ShunDerrick Powell (Central Arkansas)

RB: Kayvon Britten (Tarleton State)

RB: Darius Hale (Central Arkansas)

WR: Darius Cooper (Tarleton State)

WR: Jarrod Barnes (Central Arkansas)

WR: Takairee Kenebrew (North Alabama)

TE: Chad Aune (Stephen F. Austin)

OL: Will Diggins (Central Arkansas)

OL: Chandler Kirton (Austin Peay)

OL: Fau Tai'Vai (North Alabama)

OL: Payton Collins (Eastern Kentucky)

OL: Reese Moore (Abilene Christian)

OL: Lyle Santos (Southern Utah)

First Team Defense:

DL: David Walker (Central Arkansas)

DL: Kam'ron Green (North Alabama)

DL: Logan Jessup (Central Arkansas)

DL: Syrus Webster (Utah Tech)

LB: Tyler Long (Austin Peay)

LB: Kohner Cullimore (Southern Utah)

LB: Will Leota (Utah Tech)

LB: Qua'Shawn Washington (Tarleton State)

DB: TaMuarion Wilson (Central Arkansas)

DB: Franky West (Eastern Kentucky)

DB: Elijah Moffett (Abilene Christian)

DB: Cameron Godfrey (Central Arkansas)

DB: Kory Chapman (Austin Peay)

DB: Tkai Lloyd (Stephen F. Austin)

First Team Special Teams:

K: Chris Campos (Stephen F. Austin)

P: Chandler Caughron (Central Arkansas)

RS: Jarrod Barnes (Central Arkansas)

AP: Braedon Sloan (Eastern Kentucky)

Second Team Offense:

QB: Justin Miller (Southern Utah)

RB: CJ Evans (Austin Peay)

RB: Derrel Kelley III (Tarleton State)

RB: Jeremiah Dobbins (Abilene Christian)

WR: Jaden Smith (Eastern Kentucky)

WR: James Burns (Austin Peay)

WR: Rickie Johnson (Utah Tech)

WR: Jaden Smith (Tarleton State)

TE: Colt Cooper (Abilene Christian)

OL: Stevie Young (North Alabama)

OL: Justice Guillory (Stephen F. Austin)

OL: Josiah Ezirim (Eastern Kentucky)

OL: Clint Lapic (Stephen F. Austin)

OL: Alex Foster (Utah Tech)

OL: Layton Ernst (Tarleton State)

Second Team Defense:

DL: Payton Payne (Southern Utah)

DL: Marje Smith (Stephen F. Austin)

DL: Phillip Ossai (North Alabama)

DL: Ryan Jackson (Eastern Kentucky)

DL: Edward Bobino (Stephen F. Austin)

LB: Demetrius Charles (Central Arkansas)

LB: Aubrey Nellems (Southern Utah)

LB: DJ Harris (Tarleton State)

LB: Trent Whalen (Southern Utah)

DB: Patrick Jones (Tarleton State)

DB: Gregory Reddick (North Alabama)

DB: Bruce Harmon (Stephen F. Austin)

DB: Patrick Jolly (Abilene Christian)

DB: Ely Doyle (Tarleton State)

DB: KJ Trujillo (North Alabama)

Second Team Special Teams:

K: Patrick Nations (Eastern Kentucky)

P: Andrew Day (Utah Tech)

RS: Christian Richmond (Central Arkansas)

AP: Isaiah Wooden (Southern Utah)

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