I always feel like I'm snooping in someone else's house. And, I guess, technically, I am. However, the folks at the homes don't seem to mind, and they want you to come snoop, too. The annual Festival of Homes from the Iron County Home Builders Association is set to welcome visitors to the showcase homes starting this Friday. The theme for the Festival this year is "Dream, Build, Live!"

Traditionally held on Labor Day weekend, and the following weekend, this year's festival features 11 homes stretching from Parowan to New Harmony. Most of the homes you'll be able to visit have already been purchased (I think one home is still available), but the builders and designers are hoping that what you are able to see during the festival will ignite your creative process, and give you inspiration in the conception of the dream home you are looking to live in.

The homes will feature some of the latest innovations in design, cutting edge technology for energy conservation and sustainability, and all the latest advances that create the comforts that can make your new home the refuge you want from the strife of day to day living.

And there will be more to see than the homes. Each location will also have exhibitors with a wide range of products. You'll be able to get information on property acquisition, financing, landscaping, do it yourself and home improvement projects, home security, interior design and so much more.

To give you a head start on the experience, the Association has created an app, that will help you navigate the route from house to house. The app is free and available for Iphone and Android devices.

There are some guidelines that the Iron County Home Builders Association is asking of participants in the 2022 Festival Of Homes. If you're feeling sick or unsafe, they ask you to not enter the homes. Also, masks are encouraged while in the properties, and you will be asked to wear booties while in the homes. And while they want you to look, they ask you to please look and not touch.

Homes will be open for visits this year for these hours

Friday, September 2 from 1pm to 8pm

Saturday, September 3 from 10am to 8pm

Sunday, September 4 from 1pm to 8pm

Monday, September 5 from 10am to 8pm

Friday, September 9 from 1pm to 8pm

Saturday, September 10 from 10am to 8pm

Sunday, September 11 from 1pm to 8pm

You can get full information at the Festival of Home website.

Home ownership, affordable housing and what is happening in the market have certainly been widely discussed and reported on in recent days. But, fundamentally, owning your own home is still what many consider to be a significant part of the American Dream. We all want a place of safety, comfort and refuge. It's time to let your dreams begin. That ignition could easily begin with a visit to this years Festival of Homes.

Iron County Festival Of Homes 2022

Here's a look at the renderings of the homes in the 2022 Iron County Festival of Homes


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