Canyon View High School and Canyon View Middle School were placed on lockdown this morning.

According to Shauna Lund, the Communication and Foundation Coordinator for the Iron County School District, the schools were place on lockdown at “about 10:30am.” The lockdown at Canyon View High School was a level 2 lockdown which means that all outside doors are locked and students are taken to classrooms, and the classroom doors are also locked.

Canyon View Middle School was placed on a level 1 lockdown which has the outside doors locked, but school continues as normal on the inside including changes between classes. Police and district officials began investigating following an anonymous tip that came in through the SafeUT app, where a student was heard making a threat to the school. A security check was made of the entire school at canyon View High School.

The student who was alleged to have made the threat was located and was brought in to be questioned by officials. Students were in lockdown for about 1 hour and 15 minutes as the lockdowns were lifted at about 11:45am. Lund stated that there will be “an increased police presence” at the school for the remainder of the day, but that activities have returned to normal at the two schools.


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