Without question, getting from one side of Cedar City to the other is becoming more of a challenge. With the population growth happening in the area, a natural result is more vehicles on the road, and traffic at times becoming problematic. The increase in the volume of vehicles on our local streets has caught the attention of the Cedar City Police Department. Chief Darrin Adams joined us this morning on The Big Picture Morning Show to offer some insights. Adams says he and his officers are seeing “a lot of impatience” being exhibited by area drivers. The police chief also noted they are seeing increase in speeds and traffic light violations. Also, when vehicles aren't being driven, places to park them are becoming more scarce. Traffic enforcement has been increased in the city due to necessity. Chief Adams also reminded area drivers that when turning right they need to make sure that they are in a proper turning lane and not a parking strip. Adams did commend area drivers for pulling over when emergency vehicles are approaching. Chief Adams also mentioned some of the community policing efforts that allow members of the public to interact with police personnel. As the effects of the pandemic diminish, Chief Adams hopes to increase those community opportunities. You can hear the entire interview below.

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