The recent rains in Iron County may have been added to this morning as tears may have fallen from some of the students in the Iron County School District on day one of the 2022-2023 school year. No floods were reported.The yellow school buses could be seen on many of the streets and highways of the county as kids trudge back to the classrooms for another year. Unlike the last two years, the first day of school was a near normal situation. School officials will continue to monitor current conditions, but faces, smiling or otherwise, were not obscured by the mask mandate that was in place much of the last school year. And, yes, the students are back on campus with remote learning on the back burner for now. There is one change that families will need to be aware of. The National School Lunch Waiver, which provided free lunch and breakfast for students, regardless of income, expired in June. Students who do not qualify for free or reduced lunch will need to have money placed in their accounts. Money can be taken to the school to be placed in the child's account, or you can use the online method by going to and establish or contribute to an account there. So, watch out for the students as they are traveling to and from school, be sure to slow down at school crossings, and be sure to stop for school buses picking up or dropping off students. And kids, don't be too down, your last day of school is May 26th. It'll be here in no time.


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