>>Human Smuggling Arrest Made Near Parowan

(Iron County, UT) -- An Iron County man is facing charges following a human smuggling arrest in Iron County. The Utah Highway Patrol says they stopped an SUV early yesterday morning near Parowan after the vehicle was moving "slowly." The car was eventually pulled over and the trooper found eight undocumented workers inside, plus 18-year-old Chan Paxtor-Pascual. He told troopers he was being paid to take the workers to Colorado for work. He also allegedly admitted to doing a similar transport before.

>>Utah State Prisons Locked Down After Fight In Gunnison Facility

(Gunnison, UT) -- A fight at the state prison in Gunnison sent the Salt Lake City prison into lockdown. The Utah Department of Corrections say 15 prisoners were involved in a fight with weapons and it may be gang-related. Officials say five prisoners were sent to the hospital as a result. Officials noted the temporary lockdown was initiated at the Gunnison prison and later to the Utah State Correctional Facility as well.

>>BLM Leader In Utah Seeks Justice For Shooting Of Autistic Teen

(Salt Lake City, UT) -- A Black Lives Matter leader in Utah is seeking justice for an autistic teenager who was shot multiple times by a police officer. BLM Utah Chairwoman Rae Duckworth is condemning Attorney Sim Gill for not filing any charges against the officer who shot the boy. Officials say the officer shot the boy multiple times while he was having a mental health crisis in 2020. The boy survived the shooting but was hospitalized and still requires long-term care. Duckworth is encouraging Salt Lake residents to demand action from their elected officials regarding police accountability and police shootings.

>>Taylorsville Man Arrested For Attempting To Assault Roommate With Medieval Weapon

(Taylorsville, UT) -- A Taylorsville man is facing charges for attempting to assault his roommate with medieval style mace. Police say Joseph Phillips got into a verbal argument with his roommate and allegedly grabbed a long bar with a spiked ball on the end then attacked him. Police say the victim avoided being hit by the mace and locked himself in his room while waiting for authorities. Phillips was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail and is waiting for the possibility of bail.

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