The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is working on a new 10 year Utah Elk Management Plan that would include several changes to elk hunting in the Beehive State. The DWR is also proposing changes to the 2023-2024 big game hunt, that include changes to the hunting season dates. The current Elk Management Plan is set to expire in December. A 19 team member committee convened to create the updated plan. Committee members came from a wide variety of backgrounds and included members from state and federal agencies, conservation groups, education and some private land owners. The proposed plan would go in to effect in 2023, and would guide the DWR until 2032, with a plan review in 2028. The proposed plan outlines a variety of goals regarding elk population, ways to preserve habitat and recreation opportunities including hunting. The DWR is also proposing changes to the for the dates of the 2023-2024 big game hunt that include deer, elk and pronghorn. The season dates for the 2024 season would remain the same and same time frames. It would adjust calendar shifts to maintain that opening day would remain on a Saturday. You can find more information about the proposals, and give feed back at the Division of Wildlife Resources website.

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