The Utah Senate has given final approval to HB 215, the legislation that would provide Utah teachers an additional $6,000 in compensation and will open up Utah Fits All Scholarship which would allow vouchers to pay for private education. The measure will now head to the governor's desk. Governor Cox has indicated that he will not veto the bill. The compensation for teachers is a $4,200 salary increase and $1,800 in other compensation. The Utah Fits All Scholarship would provide $8,000 dollars to eligible students in grade K-12. Parents of eligible students would need to apply annually to continue to receive the scholarship under the bill as it stands now. The vote in the senate today was the same as the first vote from yesterday, passing 20-8 with two Republican joining all the democrats in opposition to the measure. Senators Vickers and Ipson voted in favor of the bill. Last week , the Utah House passed HB 215 by a 54-20 margin. Because both chambers passed the bill with a super majority, the legislation cannot be challenged by way of the referendum. Members of the Utah Education Association along with other members of the education community have indicated that they will be applying pressure to Governor Cox, trying to persuade him to change his stance and veto the bill

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