Southern Utah University leads all other institutions in the Utah System of Higher Education in year to year growth. The growth was spurred by an increase of online students. According to a press release, SUU has seen a 5.28 percent enrollment increase and now has a total of 14,330 students in bot on campus and online programs. SUU has 2,437 online students which is a 5.5 percent growth year to year. SUU also saw increased enrollment in international students, graduate students and undergraduate students. Over the past decade, SUU has been one of the fastest growing regional universities in the country according to data from the Chronicle of Higher Education. SUU offers over 150 undergraduate programs, 32 graduate and certificate programs, and is offering its doctorate program with the start of the 2022 academic year. That doctorate program is in Clinical Psychology. This year, SUU is also celebrating its 125 anniversary.

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