The time for the annual Spring Clean Up in Cedar City is getting close. Pushed back by our long winter, personnel from the Cedar City Street Division will begin picking up debris on Monday, April 17th. Area clean up will be hold for three weeks on three divisions in Cedar. The first area to have debris pick up will be the area east of Interstate 15 and south of Center Street (University Blvd.) and will start on Monday. The next area of town to see clean up efforts will be the area east of Interstate 15 and north of Center Street. Debris pick up for that area will be from April 24th to April 27th. The last area of the community to have Street Division crews work in is the area west of Interstate 15, and pick up efforts in that area will be from May 1st to May 4th. If you're thinking this will be the opportunity for you to get rid of that old couch cluttering your living room, you'll need to rethink that. City crews will pick up brush, branches, leaves, grass, untreated wood including pallets and crates, asphalt, dirt, rocks and concrete. Crews will not pick up furniture, metal items or appliances, carpets or electronics. And they definitely will not be picking up tires. Residents are asked to have their items out to the curb by 7am on the Monday that their area is scheduled to have crews in picking up debris, but residents are asked to not put debris on the street more than one week before the scheduled pick up. Debris must be on the street in front of the curb. Crews will not come on to private property to pick up debris. Crews will not be working on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Crews will also not return to streets that have already been completed. Residents are being asked to keep their vehicles off of the streets during the days of planned debris pick up. The service is for Cedar City residents except those who live in a Planned Unit Development. The service is not available to commercial properties. If you need more information, call the Public works Department at (435) 586-2912 or by clicking here.

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