The amount of animals being taken to the Cedar City Animal Shelter has been increasing since 2020, and shelter managers don't see a change in this trend. The shelter is managed by one full time staff member, a few part time staff members and volunteers. The shelter is asking for donations to help with the ongoing costs for things such as food, vaccinations and supplies for the pets. To make the process easier for those who would like to contribute, the shelter has added a link to their website to streamline the donation process. In addition, physical donations of things like unopened cat and dog food, kitty litter, pet toys and more are also accepted.

Courtesy Cedar City Corp
Courtesy Cedar City Corp

In addition, if there is interest in volunteering at the shelter, there is an application available on line that must be notarized before it is turned in to the shelter. If you are interested in bringing home a new pet to your home bu a pet adoption, please come to the facility during hours of operation.

To find out more about the operation of the Cedar City Animal Shelter you can visit the website.

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