Firefighters have obtained 40% containment of the Left Fork Fire. The size of the fire has remained stable at 4,254 acres. Widespread rainfall on Monday made a more significant impact on fire suppression by minimizing heat sources. While rain is in the forecast for Tuesday afternoon, it may be more sporadic. All evacuations have been lifted, but members of the Bryce Woodlands Estate area are encouraged to sign up for Emergency Notification System alerts. While welcome, the rain does bring some safety concerns as it can cause slippery conditions and unsure footing in areas where crews are working. Fire crews have been aided in suppression efforts by the use of drones, or Unmanned Aerial Systems. The drones assist with fire detection, identifying hotspots within the perimeter and spot fires outside the perimeter. Drones can also be used in some situations where helicopters and fixed wing aircraft may be grounded. The use of drones also frees up crew members from scouting, so they can assist with other fire suppression tasks. Fire managers remind members of the public to follow Temporary Flight Restrictions in and around the fire. If non-incident drones are found inside the restricted area, fire managers are required to ground all aerial assets and keep them on the ground until they are confident the non-incident drones will not return.

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