Yesterday, firefighters on the Halfway Hill Fire again attempted to conduct backburning along Horse Hollow Ridge. However, rain from the previous night raised humidity and dampened the vegetation just enough to make ignition difficult. Fire managers decided to shift tactics. Fire crews began working directly along the fire perimeter on the northern edge, building fireline where necessary and removing vegetation to limit the potential for the fire spread. More accurate mapping of these portions of the fire led to a reduction in acreage. Rehabilitation work is beginning on portions of the fire. Chippers are used to process large pieces of wood and brush into sawdust chips that can be better spread over the landscape and not create an additional hazard through the buildup of vegetation. A Burned Area Emergency Response team has also arrived to assess potential threats to wildlife, residences, and infrastructure and assist with stabilization actions to reduce the impacts of erosion and runoff. The BAER Team will be working closely with the local land management agencies. Firefighters are continuing to monitor all sections of the fireline. The western edge and most of the southern edge of the fire perimeter are contained. On the eastern edge, where the fire has burned in very steep terrain and heavy vegetation, it is ineffective and unsafe for firefighters to take direct suppression actions along the fire perimeter. Indirect line away from the fire’s edge in this section is being patrolled and monitored, and firefighters will take action if the fire reaches predetermined locations near the ridgeline.

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