Four new members were added to the Board of Education for the Iron County School District in a special meeting held on Tuesday afternoon. Judge Brent Dunlap administered the oath of office to new board members Tiffany Christiansen, Stephanie Hill, Lauren Lewis and Megen Ralphs during a swearing in ceremony. The size of the board increased to seven from 5 as enrollment in the district exceeded 10,000 students. Lewis and Ralphs took the two new seats while Hill and Christiansen took seats formerly held by board members Dale Brinkerhoff and Michelle Lambert. Following the ceremony, the first order of business was to select a new board president and vice president. After choosing the election process to be used, board Members Ben Johnson and Dave Staheli were nominated to serve as president. Both candidates shared their qualifications and vision for the board going forward. Johnson was elected to serve as president of the board by a 4-3 vote. Johnson said he was looking forward to new perspectives with the four new members joining the board. He also emphasized his belief in the board focusing on vision, accountability, and policy as it pertains to students and student learning. The board also voted for a vice president. Stephanie Hill and Lauren Lewis were nominated. Following brief presentations of their qualifications, Lewis was elected to serve as vice president of the board for a two year term. The board will next meet on January 17th for a 4:30pm work meeting. You can view proceedings of Iron County School District Board of Education meetings on their You Tube channel.

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