The number of people working on the Halfway Hill Fire downsized yesterday as fire crews were released to help other fires in the region. Tuesday’s fire activity was minimal. Additional firefighting resources will reach their 14-day assignment limit soon and be released to return home for time off before they are again available to assist with new or existing fires. As the need for suppression work declines, some rehabilitation work is beginning on the fire area. Crews have been working to remove hazard trees weakened by the fire along Sand Rock Ridge Road and to chip trees and shrubs that were cut along roadways during the creation of a fire break. Heavy equipment is also being used to repair sections of full controlled fire perimeter, where containment lines are no longer necessary to keep in place. Where the fire is still active, firefighters will continue today applying backburning techniques to strengthen the fireline between the main fire and the Chalk Creek Road. The eastern portion of the fire is in rugged terrain that neither safe nor effective to attack directly. Firefighters continue to patrol and monitor this area, prepared to take action if and when the fire approaches the desired containment lines. The incident management team says the fire is now 49% contained.

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